And on its way to epicness!

Home of Dragon Quest

Welcome to all new followers and thank you for the patience to all my returning fans. Things have been hectic as I continue to edit the Earthbound documentary, as well as travel and promote the Let's Play Gaming Expo. And yes, as many have communicated via email and PM, there was a cart missing in the last update.

JAPAN: #600

As many of you know, thanks to Mother to Earth I was lucky enough to have a chance to speak with Keiichi Suzuki. While on location in Tokyo, we also had the chance to hang out with Koala, the premier Mother collector and YouTub personality.

Somehow, in the course of all the Earthbound talk, The Collection came up. Low and behold, the premier Mother collector had a brother... who happened to be the premier collector of Dragon Quest!

Not actually in the collection.

Through our translator, we swapped stories. His expression at the amount of copies at the time was priceless. He asked what my favorite character was and out came his doubles. After being loaded up with copies of Dragon Quest 1-4 and a bunch of figurines, his mom gave us all gift bags. I don't know if I'll ever see that kind of generousity again.

Just as my collection was missing the Famicom versions of Dragon Quest according to him, I felt he was absent in not having a copy of Dragon Warrior in his. So to commerate the milestone of six hundred carts, I sent Koala's brother a complete Dragon Warrior. While it will be the only cart not actually in The Collection, the fact I know it's in Japan amongst the Dragon Quest collection seems alright.

- April 1st, 2019

Merry Xmas!

This is it, the big one! December was a big month for the Collection. Seven people gave me the gift of Dragon Warrior. In those ranks, two Dragon Followers, five new contributors, and one family member.

Jeff Geske: #585-592

So what if I reused a display?

It's the doc that just keeps giving! I was surprised mid-December with a hearty packet of RPGs. In a future post, I'll have to do a rundown of just how many he's given me. I think he's starting to rival my own numbers at this point...

John Miller: #593-598

Blacker than black, y'all.

The man behind This Room is an Illusion, John and I met through my interest in Aftermarket Nintendo games. You probably know him best from the Megaman 10 Press Kit, or possibly his work with Nhan Phan. If you want to produce a quality CIB, this is one of the guys to whom you'll talk.

Which is exactly what I did when I was working on one of my projects. Imagine my surprise when along with my boxes, manuals, and labels came a gang of DW carts to add to the pile. Send me a message if you'd like to get in on my idea, sight unseen.

Bruleski: #599, 601-602

Overview of an overview.

My dear friend and Expo partner gave the carts that pushed me over 600. As a loyal Dragon Follower, his name has graced these annuals many times over. He's currently working on the rebranding for this year's Expo, as am I, so we'll come back to cart #600.

Darrin Peloquin: #603-604

Collecting Dragon Warriors, one cart at a time.

As many of you know, I met Darrin after I gave him a bunch of money via Kickstarter, thus ensuring I'd be interviewed for his videogame documentary The Bits of Yesterday. Later, I'd help him with his edit of the film. Now it seems I'll be seeking his advice, as I complete my documentary, Mother to Earth. It was awful nice of him to remember me and mine on baby Jesus' birthday.

Jeff Deitering: #605

My brother.

Kirkland Sweeney: #606-615

The Lego was from my old lady.

For those of you that don't know Kirk, if I like variants, this dude's obsessed. While my hunt is limited to 3 and 5 screw anomalies, his delves in to the tiniest of details. That insanity means he can have as many as twelve copies of the same game, with differences as small as a change from TM to R on the seal of quality.

Christmas day I opened his gift. I expected the Dragon Warriors. For months he'd been calling me, double checking how much I pay per cart, trying to stay within my limits I assumed so he could be reimbursed. There, along with all those carts, was a game he knew I'd been looking for for a long time: 5 Screw Contra.

Contra is my jam. I love that game. I'd been looking for a 5 screw copy ever since Raybot announced he had one. I recently streamed a run at the world's Contra low-score. This was a big gift from a great friend, Dragon Warriors included.

We've had a talk since then and he will no longer be making way for his name in the save states.

ScaryD: #616

Ho, ho, ho!

Last, but not least, ScaryD's present came via the NintendoAge Secret Santa gift exchange. Along with all the other goodies in the picture was his contribution to the Collection. If I understood correctly, he's currently deployed overseas and his special lady friend helped package this up and get it to me. God speed, gaming friend.

- February 28th, 2019

What's up, Doc?

First, I'd like to thank everyone who sent me fan mail for all the updates over the holidays. As the internet grew up, I looked forward to finding an update on Maddox's site or knowing that a Monday meant the email for Strong Bad. It's nice to know this website provides that same value to some of my fellow Interneters. Now, on to the show!

Fizzman's Finest Viruses

Jeff Geske: #581, 583-584

The loyalist of the Dragon Followers, Geske's ability to obquire bulk amounts of this first RPG is nothing short of astounding. At a future date, we'll run numbers to see just how close the count is when comparing to the number of copies I've personally picked up to his donations.

I am coming back to the Midwest Gaming Classic this year and look forward to seeing this man in person again. Dan Loosen approved my new talk, part two in my World of Nintendo Aftermarket Games series. Looking forward to hanging out with my homebrew friends in the NA room, seeing Geske again, and who knows, maybe the Unorthodox Dragon Warrior will make another video appearance!

- January 22th, 2019

Classic Tetris World Champsionship

It seems like ages ago that I first saw the Tetris documentary Ecstasy of Order. A film about finding the world's best Tetris player, it inevitably ends in a tournament of champions crowning Jonas winner for the next five out of seven years. It was inspiring to this young filmmaker.

That lead to my first convention, as I travelled across country to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo where I met Robin Mihara, Uncle Tusk, and the rest of the Tetris Masters. So many great firsts that year, like breaking the Megaman 2 cover art story when I interviewed Marc Ericksen or asking Howard Phillips if he really wore a bow tie.

Joey Parker: #580

I'm sure we hung out that weekend at Robin's poker night or BBQ. Back then, things were lowkey and everyone could spend a night or two together and catch up. Since that eye opening weekend, Joey's been attending my convention the Let's Play Gaming Expo. See, I approached Vince with an idea our first year: let's have a southern qualifier!

So we did! LPGE became the first ever Southern Qualifier for the CTWC. Our winner would be flown to Portland, put up in a hotel, and guarenteed the 32nd seed in Sunday's bracket. Joey's been coming out and participating every year, and this last Expo he even helped host the tournament and stream our finals on Sunday!

Hook me up on those CTWC CIBs I'm missing.

Joey recently moved to deep Texas and before he left he had two things to do. First, buy my Smart Boy Tetris double. He'd been watching The Bits of Yesterday Extras and heard me mention I had two. I kept the plastic rental case his came in and I'll be damned if the label on isn't the same as on the game!

The other thing? On his way out he gave me his copy of Dragon Warrior. Looking forward to this year's qualifier, bigger and better! And if you're one of the Tetris players, I'm looking for player's copies of CTWC from 2014 and 2018. :)

- January 10th, 2019


As one astute follower of this site noted, most of my purchases for The Collection are done in person. This is true, as I enjoy talking with the sellers and haggling the price down to a reasonable level. But every once in a while, you'll find a pearl in the sea of the internet.


I like it... but do I love it?

gameswift: #579

At what point does a video game become art? What would it take to make it art? A mastering of pixels to create lasting images? Beautiful compositions for a timeless soundtrack? Creation of a completely new gaming genre? Or how about a handmade replacement label for someone's beloved cart?

I'm still trying to decipher from where the art came. It's extremely familiar, so I know it will be obvious once I realize what it is. Manual, strategy guide, Nintendo Power? Glorious regardless.

- December 26, 2018


I feel bad that I've missed the last few Dallas 'Paloozas. I go way back with Jay having been in an early episode of The Game Chasers and even worked the first couple 'Paloozas running tournaments. I even won their Contra high score tournament once upon a time.

But a string of life obligations has kept me from the event, so its been a while since I had the chance to cruise the vendor floor for Dragon Warriors. Luckily, this year one man's need to be featured on the site outweighed the five dollars in cost. His name...

I present to you... Dragon Warrior!

Jeff Bartoletta: #582

Like with many in the DFW gaming community, I'm not sure when I first met Jeff. Most likely at one of the local meetups, maybe at an event here in town? Hard to say. A lot of interaction on The Facebook, for sure, which the metroplex has a very healthy community on spread amongst several collecting groups.

Featured here is the only DW from the show that I have, compliments of Jeff. I appreciate his donation to The Collection and think that more donators should show the kind of reverance Jeff does in this photo. He even took the knee before the game.

Stand, Sir Jeff. I dub thee a member of the Follower of the Dragon.

- December 18, 2018

Game On Expo

I had the pleasure of trekking west to Phoenix shortly after LPGE to help out Hal Hawkins with his Retro World Series. They'd been tapped by John Lester to run tournaments out there for him again at his convention. Gamester81 started Game On right around the time we started Let's Play and I had heard good things. So a chance to visit my old hometown and see his show on Hal's dime sounded fine to me.

Good thing it's not super number one!

Vendors: #575, 578

Unfortunately for these unnamed heroes, I was actually enjoying myself too much to catch their names. RWS was next to the concert stage, so I spent a good amount of time enjoying new acts like Mecurious FM and Sergio and the Holograms. I also had a chance to see The Minibosses, a band I consider the grandfathers of the videogame music scene, or at least the first band I ever heard doing covers way back during Y2K.

I also spent some quality time in the arcade. I beat Mega Man 2 on a custom built cab Sam at Rewind by Design. The workmanship was top notch and his projects like Oregon Trail are in my wagon wheelhouse, if you will. There was also Snap Jack, a one-of-a-kind barn find that was on display and up for play. Point is, while gameing on I failed to catch from whom these two copies came.

Fancy picture, eh?

Married Guy Gamer: #576-577

One of the three sellers got behind the idea of The Collection, and for that I thank ye. TJ Birmingham the first time around cut me a deal on a DW cart after I told him what I normally pay and that it was obviously for a great cause. Later on in the show, he ran me down because he'd found a second copy for me! Appreciate the help.

One more copy closer to the dream!

- December 14, 2018

Let's Play Gaming Expo

As we wade in the midst of the holiday season, let's see if I can get a few posts in before the new year. Join me as we go back in time to the last weekend of July, as LPGE happened here in Dallas. Hope you were there and not a pixel!

Who has time for the vendor floor?

The Board: #557-561

The Expo is a blur for me. When you're one of the guys in charge, you find yourself running around, constantly checking in and making sure the event is running smoothly. Before you know it, it's over and you're packing up until next year.

Sometime during all that running around, a stack of DWs appeared. I think the first handoff was from Bruleski in the Free Play Area. Later, a donation from Darren in the arcade. Last, a gift from the Other Christian working the vendor hall. Thank you to my team members for the donations!

Fat Chris: #562-574

Also volunteering at LPGE was one of the Dragon Followers. Fat Chris flew all the way out from Baltimore with his kid Joey to work the event. For those who don't know Fat Chris, when working/attending a con he likes to bring his mascot if possible: a twelve foot tall inflatible Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Of couse, it's too big for a suitcase which meant it would have to be shipped. I provided a shipper based on his measurements, then get a call from the store about the package. It's bigger, it's heavier, and it's going to cost double. "That's fine, ship it."

Unfortunately, it never arrived during the Expo. And while I knew Fat Chris loved his inflatable ghost, he sounded crushed everytime I told him it wasn't here yet. And man, he just kept asking.

Finally, late in the week after Let's Play, it arrives. He wants to be on the phone with me as I open it; I think he's crazy for caring that much about an inlfatable. I had assumed he wanted me to be careful opening it because I might damage his Puft.

It's the real Ghostbusters.


I meticulous opened it only to have fourteen copies of Dragon Warrior pour out. He was cracking up on the phone and I realized he wasn't crazy for the Puft, he was worried about those carts. They arrived safely and the gift was a pleasant surprise. Thanks, Fat Chris!

- November 31, 2018

5 Screw Variants

Only a week later and another update! I'm excited to share this cart with you, because it happens to touch on two things I enjoy, The Collection and Nintendo NES screw variants. Oh, you don't know about Nintendo screw variants... Get ready, today's post needs a too long, didn't read!

eBay Lot with a Bonus

Blast from the Past Videogames: #556

In the case of cart #556, it was simply a bonus included in a lot that contained another cart I was after. What I really wanted was an Ultra "error" cart I found, a 5 screw copy of Ski or Die. Oh, and it was also a double label.

For the layman out there, in 1988 Nintendo of America realized that if they changed the mold for their game paks, they could elimante two screws by having plastic clips at the top. Multiply the cost of those two screws times the number of game paks they were producing and you got some sweet Q4 earnings coming your way.

And that's where the error carts come in. Limited to two manufacturers, Ultra and Konami, there are a handful of variants out there that in all reality shouldn't exist... but they do! And there are half a dozen nerds like me that spend their time looking for these guys. In this case, Ski or Die.

Not as famous as Skate or Die

The cost of these carts have gone up since a certain speed collector showed up on the scene, but I'm old school and try to stick to what they used to go for when they were virtually unknown. Of course, the article I wrote for the NA eZine when I completed my main 5/3 screw set I'm sure didn't help!

Now I'm down to the nitty gritty of variants. If you happen to have the following, I'm your guy:

Adventures of Bayou Billy (5 Screw)
Base Wars (5 Screw)
Castlevania II (5 Screw)
• Castlevania III (5 Screw)
Contra (5 Screw)
Defender of the Crown (5 Screw)
Jackal (5 Screw)
Mission Impossible (5 Screw)
Q*Bert (5 Screw)
R.C. Pro Am (5 Screw)
Rollergames (5 Screw)
Skate or Die (5 Screw)
Snake's Revenge (5 Screw)
Stadium Events (5 Screw)
Tiny Toon Adventures (5 Screw)
Top Gun 2: The Second Mission (5 Screw)

- October 30, 2018

Freaks and Geeks

Seth Rogan, maybe?

Thank you to those that contacted me about making a new post, haha! Glad so many people are enjoying the website. I've got a slew of updates, let's hope that I can find the time to get them all added. On to the carts from Denton!

Alec Featherstone: #553-555

I'm not really sure how or when we met, but it was only a matter of time with Alec being owner of Freaks and Geeks up in Denton, Texas. Over the years we've worked cons together, he's been a vendor at Let's Play Gaming Expo, and there's that one time we brought gaming to a music festival. That was fun.

Recently they moved locations from a quaint two-story house to a cool retail spot just across the street, I believe. Unfortunately I don't get up that way enough despite knowing that they always have some unique items. Right now, they have a set of The Tick toys I wouldn't mind picking up...

Or Linda Cardellini?

Alec is one of the true Dragon Followers, setting aside most copies of DW coming through his place. Just before the Expo, they sent these carts down to me via Bruleski. You rock, Alec.

- October 24, 2018

Bits of Yesterday

I’ve had several people claim to be the party responsible for the mystery cart recently. While I try and sort that out on this end, enjoy another update, this one featuring a videogame documentary I was in!

Kickstarter Backer Kit +1

Darrin Peloquin: #552

Director of the The Bits of Yesterday, I first met Darrin when he came to my place as part of my backer reward for kickstarting the project, being interviewed for the film. I gave him a brief tour of my gameroom, and then we got down to the nitty gritty, hard-hitting questions like, “Do you remember your game rental store from growing up?”

I had such a great time that Darrin and I stayed in touch throughout his filmmaking process and as it neared completion, part of the Mother to Earth crew helped him out with a touch of editing. This past summer Darrin even had a screening at the Alamo Drafthouse in Irving, Texas as part of the Let’s Play Gaming Expo. Since then, I’ve enjoyed watching all the extra bits he’s made to help promote the film.

When all the rewards we’re delivered in the spring, my big box of goodies came with an extra reward, Dragon Warrior cart #552.

- September 17, 2018

Midwest Gaming Classic

2018 was big for MGC as they moved to the convention center in downtown Mill-e-wah-que. For years, they’d held their show at a hotel outside of town. Having just moved venues myself with the Let’s Play Gaming Expo, I told Dan who runs the show I’d come help with setup knowing a little of the chaos he was about to go through.

Jeff Geske: #534-535

Just before the Midwest Gaming Classic started, and before I began filming for the video blog post prior to this update, I ran into the Dragon follower Geske. We snapped this pic and sent it to our pal Brule to rub in how much fun we were having up North. Who would’ve guessed that I would see Geske not once, but twice within a year?!

Geske again!

I was able to get Jeff and his buddies in to the show a little early, as they helped carry my film equipment technically making them crew. They perused the vendor floor for deals before the show opened to the public while I got setup to film. That’s when he gave me two new copies for the collection he brought from home.

Geske, you are indeed the man.

- September 8, 2018

Great White North

The Dragon Warrior lives! Yes, I am fine and thank you to those that inquired after my prolonged absence. But I have returned, fresh from the Let's Play Gaming Expo, and with a special update for the collection: a video blog!

Midwest Gaming Classic: #534-551

Join me as I travelled North to Mill-e-wah-que in search of more copies to add to The Collection. Compliments to the minstrels that provided the music for this post, The Descendants or Erdrick. Enjoy the adventure!

- August 15, 2018

The Mystery Cart!

The Plot Thickens

Life has been hectic this past year, with all the work being put into making this website. Amidst the chaos, a cart appeared! Alas, I forgot to write down from whence it came. Hours of research have been poured into deducing the origin of this game pak, to no avail.

Most likely, it was from one of the Dragon Followers. With the regularity of some of my contributors, sometimes a donation can get misplaced with other awesomeness that may have arrived by courier. Such was the case with this cart.

I'm certain someone will eventually see that their name is not amongst the Hall of Heroes that have donated to the cause and a stink will be raised, bringing an end to this quest. Until such time, the search will continue for the rightful owner.

- June 20, 2018

As Seen On The Internet

It’s all new posts from here on. Hooray! Which should make it easier for me to respond to all of these publications that keep pestering me about The Collection. I promise, I respond to everyone, just so many questions that it’s getting hard to keep up! Maybe someday I’ll make a GameFAQ…

The Room we all know

NintendoTwizer: Cart #532

It’s always fun when a close friend or family member sends you something game related from on the line and you can say, “Yeah, I know that guy.” Which I did a lot with NintendoTwizer, because we’ve all seen his collection. As a matter of fact, I just Googled “Nintendo Collection” to confirm that his pictures would come up first. They did.

I first met Twizer through NintendoAge, but would again cross paths years later as we both frequented reddit, which I refuse to capitalize. He was actually one of the first people I traded with on NA, he didn’t try to take advantage of me, and he was okay with doing a six-way-trade so that everyone got something from my stack of doubles. At the time, he was fourteen carts away from his complete NES set to give you an idea of how long ago that was.

Well, this site was launched and Twizer contacted me saying he’d had a copy of Dragon Warrior sitting in his glove box for months that he just kept forgetting to send me. This was a donation to the cause, which is mighty generous and always appreciated. Always a good day when you hear from this guy. Thanks, Twiz!

What's in the Glove Box?

reddit is a lot quieter since you toned down your collection. And don’t worry, that one project is still being worked on. Looking at a completion date of later this summer. ;)

- June 1, 2018

Deeds Recorded

"Get on to the real updates!" I know, I know. I am recieving all inquiries and replying as fast as I can. Hard to believe I started planning this site over a year ago. Just this one last batch of carts and we're all caught up.

scrolls of honor

Handsome Joe: #525-529

I met Handsome Joe a few years back when I was still buying/selling. He was touted by several friends as legit, along with his pal "I always sell my collection" Dunfee, which encouraged Bro Prices on my end. Our final deal went sour, however, as he low-balled my already low prices, and then went lower. The last straw was when he brought out a hacked up copy of Noah's Ark 3D for trade. Literally hacked, as in someone sawed off the tabs, presumably because they didn't like the added comfort with wings? I passed politely.

But Ol' Joe wouldn't let it go. He had games piled up and proceeded to guilt me over the time it took to get to my place, over not taking that shitty piece of game, on and on. I finally caved because I'm a nice guy. I included a caveat, though. He could never, ever talk about that shit ever again. I never wanted to hear about it, not from him, anyone in the DFW gaming scene, or anywhere online. He took the deal and I quit talking to him altogether after that transaction.

This was years ago. People grow, and one day not so recently Handsome Joe apologized out of the blue. He admitted he pushed too hard for so little; he should've realized the value in the friendship, not the money. Along with his sorry came four copies of Dragon Warrior. The picture below he sent on The Facebook after he found these copies at a garage sale.

apology carts 2/4

It's hard not to forgive someone who can admit they were wrong. And he never mentioned that trade over all those years, I asked around from time to time. Thus, he's no longer on my doneso list.

- May 11, 2018

Earthbound Evan: #506

evan eats a prototype

The year was 2015, the event: MAGFest. During MAG, the Gaylord is like a dorm and Fat Chris is the guy with music blaring and door perpetually open. One night, in wandered Evan with Quincy Pringle in tow, who was handing out business cards like it was the 80’s and he was the CIA with coke.

Later that year, Evan called with a film idea, being I’m a filmmaker by day, working on basically anything that pays. Evan is a diehard Earthbound fan and wanted to make a documentary about the unreleased version for the NES.

He and Josh Bone-Christian (cart #438) had already conducted a short interview with a key player from Nintendo of America. I watched this forty minute video, done in a Starbucks, shot with an iPhone, and no audio equipment. Sure, the quality wasn’t great, but the content, the knowledge, the history… What they had captured was enough for me to know that they had something. I was in.

zero or beginnings?

Fast forward to present day. The documentary, titled Mother to Earth, was successfully kickstarted. I went to an Earthbound convention, zigzagged the US conducting interviews, and even got to go to Japan and talk to the composer, Keiichi Suzuki.

I’ve been all over the world with those goofs and know way too much about this game considering I’m the guy who once pondered destroying a SNES Earthbound prototype. The crew flies in to Dallas this weekend for our final round of interviews and then it’s on to post!

Evan was in Dallas last year, working as the Social Media Coordinator for the Let’s Play Gaming Expo. If you interacted with us over the internet, this is the guy you were talking to. That’s also when he gave me copy #506 to add to The Collection. It’s been a wild ride with this guy, follow him on Twitter.

- April 1, 2018

The Dragon Followers

I continue to be blown away by the attention the site has recieved! Bear with me as I try to respond to everyone that has contacted me thus far. And thanks for all the new copies of Dragon Warriors that have started to trickle in! For now, let us get caught up on The Collection's journey.

Jeff Geske: #498-500, 514-518

My first memories of this man were visiting a local game store in Dallas and seeing a stack of his consoles waiting to be modded by the Other Christian. That in itself wasn't odd, but the fact that they were for a collector in Minnesota struck me as queer. To be fair, Other Christian did superior work.

Shortly thereafter I would run across his name in the facebook groups and about a year ago he sent me his first batch of Warriors which took to The Collection to the magical number of 500. That was soon followed by another batch, for none of which he asked payment.

Jeff was a dozen or so carts away from completing his NES collection at the time, easy stuff to acquire as we all know happens at the end. Luckily for him a friend was downsizing at the time, allowing me to send hima copy of Pro Sports Hockey for being such a good sport. We had the good fortune of meeting at PRGE this past year.

freaks and geeks at super bit con

Fat Chris: #501-502,

507-508, 521-524

I met this character at Too Many Games way back in the year two thousand of oh-thirteen. Fat Chris and friends were standing outside the venue and laughing on the sidewalk as I was lugging my gear to the the parking lot. They asked if I knew of Liquid Ass, which in fact I did know, as the morning Radio show I interned on in college was sent a box prelaunch about ten years prior.

They were "Shit Dollaring", hitting a buck with that foul smelling spray then dropping it outside the Con. We watched as people celebrated their good fortune upon finding free money, followed immediately by regret and dropping the bill back on the ground, only to be repeated by the next poor, unsuspecting soul. There was an immediate repoir.

The first two carts he gave to me personally at MAGFest, an event he introduced me to; I highly recommend it. The next two D-dubs were sent with packages that included a lot of randomness for use at the Let's Play Gaming Expo, a project I'm involved with here in Dallas.

The third batch he brought with him when he flew out to help work the Expo last year. He's also the one that sold me that Pro Sports Hockey I sent Jeff. Below is a video of him chugging mustard. Thin is in, but fat is where it's at - Stay Puft!

Bruleski: #505, 519-520

I've known Eric Brule for a number of years. He's the man behind the graphic design of the Let's Play Gaming Expo and works for a local advertising agency here in DFW. Very talented individual and part of the team who helped me build this tribute site.

As an avid collector who still finds time to go out and hunt, Brule will randomly have little goodies for me. If I'm really lucky, as I was three times in this instance, he'll find some cheap Dragon Warriors. He has also worked as courier for both Jeff Geske and Alec Featherstone. I have a feeling we'll be seeing his name again in the near future!

Freaks and Geeks: #503-504, 509-512

Appearing a second time on the new tribute site, Alec, owner and propritor of Freaks and Geeks in Denton, Tejas, is well aware of The Collection. He continually sets aside what he gets and either brings them to events he knows he might see me at, or sends them on their way with Brule when he stops by the store.

The picture below is of carts #509-512, which Alec took up to Super! BitCon last year, despite the weather. He's a stand up guy and a well liked pillar of the North Texas gaming community. If you're at UNT and want some retro goodness, make sure to stop by!

freaks and geeks at super bit con

- March 7, 2018

Quest for Missing Carts

dw stack

Wow, I can’t believe it! The response to the website has been overwhelming the past few weeks. I have many of your questions to answer, but the one thing that keeps being brought up is “The Gap”. Honestly, I was surprised so many found the website’s hidden links, let alone follow them all.

The last update before this website was created was for Cart #480, however the list of Items here reflects additions as high as #529, creating “The Gap” of updates for Carts #481-529. The why is it took a long time to make this website and even longer to make that Dragon Throne. I’ll spend the next few posts catching everyone up.

Retrofest 4: #481-493

Every year, Magdiel Venture holds Retrofest in Ft. Worth, Texas with proceeds going to charity. It’s a great event for the gaming community, giving collectors and sellers a chance to get together in an fun atmosphere that isn’t overwhelming. It was there I finally had an oppurtunity to get together with Jacob Mendoza, a collector who at the time lived in West Texas (not to be confused with West, Texas).

He knew about my cache of NES doubles, but he also knew that I was a hermit who strictly bartered for copies of D-dub. He needed some SMB/DHs, I needed all his copies of Dragon Warrior, and a deal was born. I think he sat on the stack pictured above for six months, but Retrofest brought us together on that fateful Saturday, March 25th in 2017. Me and the copies of Dragon Warrior, not Jacob.

Freaks and Geeks: #494-495

Also at Retrofest was my good buddy Alec Featherstone, owner and operator of Freaks and Geeks in Denton. Alec is well aware of The Collection, which is how I will be referring to it from here on out, and has become one of its regular contributors. I appreciate his help, his camaraderie, and his commitment to the beard despite the Texas heat. He specifically brought a few copies along because he thought he might run into me at Retrofest. And he did! Score.

freaks and geeks one

The Nostalgic Nerd: #496-498

Another regular in the gaming scene here in North Texas, The Nostalgic Nerd hooked me up with some DW copies at Retrofest, as well. I can see it now, fans of the site saying that on the site I will only pay $3, but the stickers on these say $7. People, if you’re paying full price for anything, then it’s not a deal.

the nostalgic nerd

Jacob Dropped This (Bonus Item)

I picked up two Chuck Norris action figures after my D-dub deal was completed with Jacob. Still in the original packaging, hangtabs unpunched. Their heads are hollow and made of a soft plastic, causing many to be punctured or torn whilst deep in heavy, imaginary battle. Kid Me used the serpent helmet from Snakebite of the Supernaturals line by Tonka to hide his hideous deformity, but there was a queerness to making ol’ Charles a bad guy, which he clearly was after that mask went on. It would be years before I would understand it was Chuck’s inherit awesomeness that was clashing with that evil-looking headdress.

I heard Chuck Norris is so famous, he once had the most popular website on the Internet. Surprisingly enough, I couldn’t find it. I’m talking about the one that was just random facts you could vote on and never see again with the top ten list, not the commercialized version I see linked on the Internet Archive by Know Your Meme. Before that.

double your pleasure

- February 5, 2018

A Website Appears!

The Unorthodox Dragon Warrior Collection Throne

Welcome to the unorthodox Dragon Warrior collection. Once a forum thread, now it's own website, follow me on a quest to collect 1000 copies of a single game: Dragon Warrior for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

I wanted to do something monumental to signify the reaching of 500 copies, and thought a tribute site would be appropriate. Accompanying the launch of this site, there was also a press release sent out to all the major publications.

My goal is lofty, but it is my fate. Keep up with the collection's progress as the years go by and the copies pile up, because only a true Dragonlord would have a 1000 copies!

- October 12, 2017

Future Post!

The adventure continues...

The Legend

It starts with a forum post on NintendoAge in the year 2012. One of the users (K3VBOT) had the opportunity to buy out a video game store. Another eagle eyed user (Max Velocity) commented on the number of copies of Jurassic Park he saw in the posted inventory photos, quickly followed by teasing from another member (WickedWonka) that he expected photos of all the JPs. So K3VBOT went back to the store, and the first Mega Collection was on its way.

jurassic park snes

This prompted another member on NA (Space Jockey) to start his own unorthodox mega collection... of Dragon Warriors! While talking to the community about the mega collections, yet another member (ihavethatpma) came into the picture with their own collection of Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt carts. Several other users expressed interest of joining the mega collection race, but it was K3VBOT, Space Jockey, and ihavethatpma that really showed promise.


Then life happened. Girlfriends became wives, sperms became kids, and soon collections became house down payments. One by one, the mega collections went away, fueled by rising game prices. It was a sad day in 2014 when Space Jockey listed his unorthodox Dragon Warrior collection for sale.

Bueller? Bueller?

Exit Space Jockey, enter me. Also a member on NintendoAge (where I go by the screenname "Ferris Bueller"), I too was a fan of Dragon Warrior as a kid. I was at just that right age to grow up with the Nintendo NES and Dragon Warrior is the first RPG I played, thanks to the Nintendo Power giveaway. When I saw the unorthodox collection was up for grabs, I decided that I would – nay - I had to keep the tradition alive and I purchased the collection.


Since taking possession of this collection, I've managed to add over 100 new carts, as well as including Save data with the collection stats. Who knows, maybe you'll find your childhood cart in the collection!

I also unlocked the collection's first achievement, the acquiring of a Dragon Warrior prototype. Dubbed "Dragon Warrior Express," this DW proto has Slimes, Ghosts, and Drakees that yield 255 experience points and was most likely used for beta testing once the English localization/translation was completed.

Dragon Warrior Prototype


We arrive at 500 copies and unlock the collection's second achievement, this website. A tribute to what's to come. For those of you wondering if I'll continue the quest for 1000 copies...

Yes, I am still getting copies of Dragon Warrior.

Yes, I will take donations.

Free is best, $3 is my sweet spot (remember, they used to give this away for free). Updates will simply be made here from now on as new copies arrive.

So we collect on, roms alternating current, borne back ceaselessly into the past, and on our way to 1000 copies and becoming a truly epic collection!


Want to send me a copy of Dragon Warrior?
Want to share your Dragon Warrior story?



#1 cremorecs (NA)
#2-3 hydrogen (NA)
#4 gamerjoe2012 (eBay)
#5 gameplaystore (eBay)
#6-35 jonsgames4u (eBay)
#36 wjwinser (eBay)
#37-84 sosafan2 (eBay)
#85-100 jjgames (
#101-120 izzy10mike (eBay)
#121 fenfen21 (NA)
#122 omnomaxtradersllc (eBay)
#123-124 schiggidy (eBay)
#125 kaochen5 (eBay)
#126 bigjoe249 (eBay)
#127 musicforlifejason (eBay)
#128 YellowGameboyColor (NA)
#129 aeyther9 (eBay)
#130-139 videogamedomain (NA)
#140-149 jimjames (NA)
#150-151 mynameisearl (NA)
#152 vaosu (donated $10 to the cause) (NA)
#153 travis_m_9 (eBay)
#154 rooster (NA)
#155 scruffyducky91 (eBay)
#156 fsped09 (NA)
#157-161 dkoldies (
#162-166 highroller79 (
#167 17brown12 (eBay)
#168 bbstuff08 (eBay)
#169 miscmerchant2011 (eBay)
#170 goodwillsoutherncalifornia12 (
#171 1015leb (eBay)
#172 fistacorn (eBay)
#173 br81zad (NA)
#174-175 cremorecs (second contribution) (NA)
#176 msm1774 (eBay)
#177 seller109seller (eBay)
#178 bairscards (eBay)
#179 byrohask (eBay)
#180 kingyoshi (NA)
#181 captainsparrow1981 (eBay)
#182 evilglenn9 (eBay)
#183-186 behemos (NA)
#187-192 B.A. (NA)
#193 tarik2879 (eBay)
#194 snorlaxdude (eBay)
#195 321serenity (eBay)
#196-205 ihavethatpma (NA)
#206 elitekurl (eBay)
#207 super-mole (eBay)
#208 allbsns07 (eBay)
#209 freemanlikesgolf (eBay)
#210 rshields79 (eBay)
#211 wipeout72 (eBay)
#212 sepco-games-and-comics (eBay)
#213 obviously223 (eBay)
#214 greenoldtruck (eBay)
#215 wickedwonka (NA)
#216 spott821 (eBay)
#217 custompc2005 (eBay)
#218 eclectronix (eBay)
#219 one1stopauctions (eBay)
#220 fleshbox123 (eBay)
#221 snoopy101 (NA)
#222 captaincrunch69 (eBay)
#223 slyshy83 (eBay)
#224-225 813tiger211 (eBay)
#226 nerdcorps (eBay)
#227 217.3dnut1 (eBay)
#228 jdchess (NA)
#229 jet_videogames (eBay)
#230 eclips92001 (eBay)
#231 whitesoxfan565 (eBay)
#232 octagon (NA)
#233 wfc2566 (eBay)
#234 jeej (eBay)
#235 iyabin (eBay)
#236 meganmadison01 (eBay)
#237 559richardmac (eBay)
#238 bostwuk (NA)
#239-242 bnthg203 (eBay)
#243-246 Atlantic Games and Toys (
#247 lionofdisouth7 (eBay)
#248 rodneyschoice1 (eBay)
#249 jwaj1983 (eBay)
#250-251 heuer21 (NA)
#252 19hjc80 (eBay)
#253 laserman (NA)
#254 rpratt0001 (eBay)
#255 commander santa (NA)
#256 bobman3500 (eBay)
#257 x-collectables (eBay)
#258 artlaspinas (eBay)
#259-276 sosafan2 (second contribution) (eBay)
#277 bonanza125 (eBay)
#278 chesshomers (eBay)
#279 jerald8552 (eBay)
#280 page3auc (eBay)
#281 plin5315 (eBay)
#282-285 gamelandco (eBay)
#286 traviswall (eBay)
#287 sjenkins826826 (eBay)
#288 chuckp03 (eBay)
#289-290 frenchkittiesofdoom (NA)
#291-296 lukiegames (eBay)
#297 edwardsempire (eBay)
#298 thehodgepodgeryrocks (eBay)
#299 erik830 (eBay)
#300-301 mynameisearl (second contribution) (NA)
#302-304 six174 (eBay)
#305 jabyrne77 (eBay)
#306 kedz25 (NA)
#307 capngamesinc (
#308 kaleb860 (eBay)
#309 liquidationdomination (eBay)
#310 kevinpiet13 (eBay)
#311 cremorecs (third contribution) (NA)
#312 ecockpit (NA)
#313-318 rickstar22 (NA)
#319 necobogart (eBay)
#320 akmccormick1284 (eBay)
#321 adambridgman24 (eBay)
#322-323 sadisticmc911 (eBay)
#324-325 everharm (NA)
#326-331 bryansvideotrader (eBay)
#332-342 jjgames (second contribution) (
#343-354 Player's Choice Video Games (
#355 blue-logic (eBay)
#356 (eBay)
#357 dirtyd1209 (eBay)
#358-368 Rock 30 Games (
#369 megamanfan (NA)
#370 logash01 (eBay)
#371 napoda (eBay)
#372 marcusicp22 (eBay)
#373 kedz25 (second contribution) (NA)
#374 dean2fa-q (eBay)
#375 thegarrison89 (eBay)
#376 retrogames12 (NA)
#377 zoomer1013 (eBay)
#378 mariomansion (eBay)
#379 jhawkzz (NA)
#380 rcp197979 (eBay)
#381 jasonwilde802012 (eBay)
#382-390 k3vbot (NA)
#382-390 k3vbot (NA)
#391-405 Ferris Bueller (NA)
#406 ProtoScott (NA)
#407 MrWunderful (NA)
#408-414 Game and Movie Traders (LPGE)
#415 FX Game Exchange and Console Repair (LPGE)
#416-417 yecul (NA)
#418 Retro World Series (Houston)
#419-432 DK Oldies (
#433-434 Lukie Games (
#435-436 Heartbreak7 (NA)
#437 FX Game Exchange and Console Repair (Dallas)
#438 Josh Bone-Christian (Mother to Earth Director)
#439 CD Warehouse (Portland)
#440 Gameswappers (Portland)
#441-443 Video Game Wizards (Portland)
#444 FX Game Exchange and Console Repair (Dallas)
#445 Game Swappers (PRGE)
#446-47 Super A Video Games (PRGE)
#448 Unknown Vendor (PRGE)
#449-451 Forever Games (PRGE)
#452-53 The Place 4 Gamers (PRGE)
#454 Retro Game & Toy Exchange (PRGE)
#455 KacyDaGameNerd (PRGE)
#456-57 Back in Time Gaming (PRGE)
#458-469 Lukie Games (Ebay)
#470-471 Freaks and Geeks (Denton)
#472 Fat Chris (MAGFest)
#473-480 Private Seller (Ebay)
#481-493 Jacob Mendoza (Retrofest)
#494-495 Freaks and Geeks (Retrofest)
#481-497 The Nostalgic Nerd (Retrofest)
#498-500 Jeff Geske (Facebook)
#501-502 Fat Chris (MAGFest)
#503-504 Freaks and Geeks (Dallas)
#505 Bruleski (Dallas)
#506 Evan Butler (Mother to Earth Producer)
#507-508 Fat Chris (MAGFest)
#509-512 Freaks and Geeks (Dallas)
#513 Fat Chris? (MAGFest)
#514-518 Jeff Geske (Facebook)
#519-520 Bruleski (NA)
#521-524 Fat Chris (LPGE)
#525-529 Handsome Joe (Dallas)
#530-531 Jeff Geske (Facebook)
#532 NintendoTwizer (NA)
#533 MYSTERY CART (???)
#534-535 Jeff Geske (MGC)
#536-538 Video Game Exchange (MGC)
#539 Universal Collectibles (MGC)
#540 Sam (MGC)
#541 Broadway Resale (MGC)
#542-546 Play It Retro (MGC)
#547 Jeremy (MGC)
#548-549 Pac-Man Shop (MGC)
#550 Collect Retro (MGC)
#551 Tyler (MGC)
#552 Darrin Peloquin (Bits of Yesterday)
#553-555 Brule (Freaks and Geeks)
#556 blastpastvideogames (eBay)
#557-561 LPGE Board (LPGE)
#562-574 Fat Chris (LPGE)
#575 Vendor (Game On Expo)
#576-577 Married Guy Games (Game On Expo)
#578 Vendor (Game On Expo)
#579 gameswift (eBay)
#580 Joey Parker (Dallas)
#581 Jeff Geske (Facebook)
#582 Jeff Bartoletta (Retropalooza)
#583-584 Jeff Geske (Facebook)
#585-592 Jeff Geske (Facebook)
#593-598 John Miller (This Room is an Illusion)
#600 video_game_quality/Koala's Brother/td> (Ebay to Japan)
#599,601-602 Bruleski (Dallas)
#603-604 Darrin Pelquin (Bits of Yesterday)
#605 Jeff Deitering (Brother)
#606-615 Kirkland Sweeney (NintendoAge)
#616 ScaryD (NintendoAge)

Save States

#391 Hercules _ Lord Cat
#392 Cory. Cory. Studman
#393 Brando
#394 Jason Scott . Eric
#395 Chad Stephani Ryna
#396 D-MAN MOM MATT < My copy from childhood
#398 KYLE Tink Cloud
#399 STIZI
#405 Dragomus
#406 GoodLuck CollectN Ferris!
#407 Shawn
#408 Elf LINK Buu
#409 Loummek Phill Reptile
#412 Cloud CASEY AAA
#413 LISA Chris Chris
#415 JANICE Emanuel Emanuel
#416 CAM
#417 Bradley
#418 (double check)
#425 SIIR GAL LlamaBoy Sir Bri
#428 Garrett
#429 Josh Josh Buthy
#432 (double check)
#433 DAVE ROB Syphter
#434 Tom
#435 ME ME ME
#438 SITH
#439 Cynan!!! Thor
#440 JASON
#441 Richard Killer KENNY
#442 Kron
#443 Threndel Threndel
#444 [BLANK]
#445 Fucker
#446 {Blank}
#447 {Blank}
#448 JOEY ALKY E—ee..
#449 James
#451 {Blank}
#454 {Blank}
#457 Kevin
#458 Heidi
#462 Jeff YO ANDREW
#466 BooBoo BooBoo BooBoo < All Maxed Out
#468 Brian Gilligan LABMICE
#469 {Blank}
#471 BRADlEY BRANDON Warrior
#472 {Blank}
#473 SUSAN Solus Mnemalgy
#477 {Blank}
#478 Ass BUST
#480 Noah
#482 {Blank} NINJA NINJA
#483 Erdrick Logan Nester
#485 ERK MOM Eric
#487 Ferguson JoSH
#488 {Blank} Bubba Max
#489 {Blank} {Blank} MICHELLE
#490 Smythe
#491 JACOB
#494 KOOTER {Blank} Zephner
#497 STEVE
#501 MefitMAN
#503 wwwwww BAMA LAurA
#504 Mark Paul
#506 {Blank}
#507 Joseph
#509 A AAA
#510 DAVID
#512 SATAN! DENIAL Nicolas
#513 Maewyn
#516 Foxer Dragon SWEETY !
#517 Spike SPIKE
#518 BRYCE ZATRIX! Gigax
#520 {Blank} {Blank} DANNYwIe
#522 Justin _ _
#524 Jeff
#525 MIKE M D MAA((((( Sonia PD
#526 BO LCVE GOD Erdrick
#529 ? ? ?
#535 …….. DEMON DEMON.
#540 ERIKK
#542 AABBCOPzo MOM….. _
#546 Jarret JOSH Gar
#549 JEDIDAD REG. Martin
#555 BOB
#557 DALE Andy Brent
#558 Cecil Capone Cecil
#559 Cloud ACE GLEN.E.
#561 Stitch
#563 Jeff JORDAN JOhn
#564 MIKE
#566 Odin ALIE KYLEQ
#569 Melissa
#572 BLUBBER Scooby Dawn
#573 PetAL --QQR --QQR
#574 RRE
#575 JOSH
#577 ALEX
#580 NAT
#584 Jose Raiel Bock!
#587 Larry MATT
#589 Pip!!!!! BOB Sturm
#593 RUTAGER McCleod AAMMmmmm
#594 BALLZ
#595 JOHN C
#598 Duane
#599 TIGER TeeTiy JOHN
#604 Tauren FREDJR. FREDJR.
#609 Chacky DIVNGNJA Chacky